DAS MOON | band’s bio

Das Moon is a main Polish electro pop band from Warsaw.

Das Moon credits Laibach, Kraftwerk, Einstürzende Neubauten, Depeche Mode and Sonic Youth among its main inspirations.  Das Moon members are using their experimental musical background as the starting point for creation of exceptional music, video and live shows.

Das Moon are: Daisy K. – vocalist and lyricist, DJ Hiro Szyma – music producer and graphic designer and Musiol – electronic musician, video producer and lawyer.

At 8th April 2017 Das Moon presents „Dead” a long awaited new album with 40 minutes of music, 10 songs in electro and synth-pop esthetics accompanied by new wave harmonies and a moving voice of charismatic Daisy K.

„Dead” is exploring dark spaces of electronic music with a touch of attractive synthpop. Sound design is dominated by analog and virtual synthesizers, huge basses, prepared guitars, raw percussions, and distressing field recorded samples. “Dead” goes deep into hidden emotions, from narcotic beginnings of love, to where love ends, to farewells, excitement, euphory and fear, craziness and internal void. “Dead” declares love and is ironically commenting everyday situations. “Dead” is a new beginning.

In 2 songs Das Moon was joined on saxophone by Tomasz Świtalski, member of Polish cult punk bands Kryzys and Brygada Kryzys. This is a Das Moon’s tribute to Polish alternative music and its spirit of freedom.

Third album of Das Moon has also been produced by Pawel Gawlik (Paul Gavlic), final mix and mastering was done by a 2014 Grammy winner Jacek Gawłowski (JG MasterLab). With “Dead” album Das Moon continues its editorial cooperation with Requiem Records, a label devoted for last 20 years to promotion and releases of most ambitious musical projects in Poland.

Album WEEKEND IN PARADISE ( was out in October 2014, a CD version was published in Poland by Requiem Records, cat. no. 79|2014 (, a renowned Polish independent label and distributed by Sonic, with worldwide digital distribution on iTunes ( and elsewhere by Believe Digital. The album was produced by Paweł Gawlik at Sound Factory and mastered by a 2014 Grammy winner Jacek Gawłowski at JG Master Lab in Warsaw, Poland.

Das Moon’s first studio album Electrocution ( was released 2011. It was produced in Warsaw by Paweł Gawlik, mastered in New York at The Lodge by Emily Lazar and Joe LaPorta (Depeche Mode, The Prodigy,  Björk), first released in Poland by Polskie Radio, distributed by Warner (CD) and digitally on iTunes.

Since 2011 Das Moon has been touring extensively, in 2012 opened Electronic Beats Festival in Gdańsk before Jazzanova, Squarepusher and James Blake, in 2013 played at Wave Gotik Treffen (WGT) in Lepizig (Germany), the world’s biggest electro-industrial festival and at Castle Party, a biggest Central European festival of gothic, industrial and electronic music in Bolków, Poland. Weekend in Paradise Tour started in October 2014, with shows in major Polish cities and concert halls, including a show at Mayday (15th Anniversary Polish edition)
in Katowice Spodek and sharing the stage with the genre’s legendary artists: Camouflage, Front Line Assembly in Gdańsk B90 and with De/Vision in Warsaw based Progresja.

Das Moon’s main music videos are I Like It, Not a Happy Song, Street, Colours, and Run, all of them  directed by Roman Przylipiak, and produced by Art and Progress Foundation(see YT &

Das Moon songs has been presented by many radio stations and  internet radio channels, including Polish public and commercial channels, and German FluxFM. Interviews with Das Moon, Electrocution album and music videos have many times been presented by Polish TV channels. Electrocution and Weekend in Paradise albums and band’s tours of 2012 – 2015 have gained very good coverage in the Polish musical media.

In the years before creation of Das Moon, its members acted as Rh+ [a joint of audiovisual performers],
an experimental electronic music and art collective, presented their multimedia shows at music and theatre festivals in Poland, Germany, Austria and Italy among others, and published 3 albums: Medical Academy (2011), Poems (2005) and Aktion (2007) [].

Das Moon has the support of a Warsaw based Art and Progress Foundation being also a producer of the band’s music videos and concerts.